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    I know there are a few threads about this but most are outdated. I am looking for breeders in Washington who raise birds for showing or to better the breed. I am in 4-H and I've had a great difficulty in finding chickens who do decent. All my birds I have gotten from the local feed store and have been deformed or had defects. This is heartbreaking. I love these birds to death but they just don't make the cut.

    So any breeders out there please post.I am interested in anything but I am looking for specifically:

    Ameracaunas (largefowl)
    Runner Ducks

    I'm interested in taking your culls, for my last year in 4-H I am looking for improvement.
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    Where are you in Washington State? I might be able to give you a start in Rhode Island Red bantams
  3. SuburbSpurs

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    Yeah washington state south king county.

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