Washington For Sale, Trade, barter, or Just Make it Go Away. Dec 3rd

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    Jan 27, 2009
    This is a listing of items, or animals. That will be available for Sale, Trade, Barter, or Just Make it Go Away.

    Feel free to take part of this with the group that will be attending the Western Washington Chicken Show, that is being held in Chehalis Washington the weekend of December 3th and 4th. The transactions can be held on either day, at anytime convenient to the parties evolved. Items do net need to be only chicken related, feel free to list anything you would like to. This can be like a craigslist shopping trip meet up. (if that made any sense. lol) You don't need to be there yourself, as long as you can get someone else to get it to the show, and get them to help the transaction finish up. I am hoping that this can be a very easy going thing. I also hope that if there are any problems from any type of transaction that is started here, that all issues can be handled privately, and not here.

    So it is still buyer beware. Please do not assume anything, just because someone has listed something on a BYC thread. BYC is not hosting, nor do they have any responsibility in connection to this event. All transactions remain the sole responsibility of the people that are part of the actual transaction. I am not assuming any responsibility either. I am only facilitating the thread, and I am not responsible for any transaction other than my own should I opt to have a transaction.

    Also needed are auction items, that benefit the hosting club.

    Also let me know if there is anything else that needs to covered about this event.
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    Please remember that chickens brought for sale into the show need to have a sale cage purchased. I don't know about outside of the show, but birds for sale at the show need to have sale cages purchased from the hosting club- just an FYI.
  4. ultasol

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    Apr 30, 2009
    SE Washington
    I will have silkies available for purchase at the show. I also plan to list a few auctions prior to the show, and if won these can be picked up in Chehalis.

    In addition I have one approximately April hatch large fowl SLW available. I might be able to provide a younger pullet to go with. <--- probably won't bring these unless they are pre-purchased. LF take up so much room in my vehicle.
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