Washington State Dep. of Wildlife---AHHHH!! They wont help!!

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  1. So for the past month we have had at least three cougar sightings and have been haunted by having to hear it scream almost every other night.

    Concerned for our animals, and the kids in the area we called the State Department of Fish and Wildlife. They told my mom they wont come and trap it and WE have to make it go away. Angry, I called today and here is what the lady told me:

    The officers wont come trap for a sighting, or because cats have been killed. So I say "Well what happens if it comes onto my property and kills my chickens? I consider that damaging MY property."

    She replied with "Its your responsibility to keep your chickens in a pen."

    FUMING at this point I say "They are in a pen, and a coop. But chicken wire ISN'T going to stop a cougar. And I am sure it has enough force to rip my coop doors off their hinges."

    She agreed. But said that even if it kills my chickens they STILL wont come trap it. So I asked what it would take and she said it would take for someone to get attacked or if it killed something like cows or sheep.

    My family, and my neighbors are all really frustrated! We have children that play in the are and its not abnormal for cougars to stalk kids. (Its happened twice this year in different areas)

    PLUS I consider my chickens just as important as someone's cows or sheep. As a soon-to-be poultry science student my chickens are basically my research and livelihood!! (And I have spent a lot of money raising them!)

    I am at the end of my rope with this people and I DON'T want to wait until someone gets hurt to get this thing out of my neighborhood, which is a residential part of the city of Lake Stevens, WA.

    Does anyone know if there is anything I can do?

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    How about trying an electric fence? Would't stop it from going over but might stop it from getting into the coop. Good luck on whatever you do.
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    Its only going to get worse. Since the state banned dog hunting for cougar the populations have exploded. Next you'll be told to make sure your kids are properly penned.
    Don't you know that that cougar has rights?? [​IMG]
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    Call your legislators, state and federal, and keep calling until someone does something about it. Make a list of who you called, who you talked to in their office and what they told you. If you don't have some sort of response about what can be done within a week, call your local TV stations. Don't give up; you might help to bring about new legislation that may help all of us or at least the poultry owners in your state.
  5. Sorry to hear about the lack of cooperation. We had a pair of American Bald Eagles hang around our property early this Spring. They took two of my geese. I actually saw them hunting. I had never seen eagles up close and personal before. They were also eyeballing tiny little goats that we keep. I contacted my Game and Parks division prepared for the run around - esp. in reagards to our National Bird. I was shocked at how helpful they were. He gave me some pointers that I had to try - if the Eagles had not left the area. He was going to "take them out" my claim/call was the first in his immediate area but other G&P Officers had rec'd similar stories. If they damage your property here in Nebraska the Game and Parks are very supportive. We also had a cougar take foal from my Dad's farm about 1.5 hours West of here - again, they were very supportive. They tried to track it several times. It has since been destroyed or has moved on. Is there another division or maybe a different person in the same organization that you talked to - that may be able to help a little more?

    If all else fails...have you contacted a tv station? A newspaper?
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    #1. Do you vote? We live in a state loaded with a bunch of whack jobs from Seattle who want to tell the rest of the State what to do. Don't restrict someone else's right to do something, just because you don't participate in it. (Not directed at you) We folks in the country are left to deal with their ideas of how we should live. Remember that every time you head out to vote.

    #2. There are a number of licensed cougar tracking groups in Washington who work for WDFW. You may wish to contact them to head out and harrass the kitty cat. They enjoy running their dogs, and when run out of an area a number of times, they usually stay away. Check with the WDFW.

    #3. September 1 is the opening of cougar season in some units, including where you live, but that is archery. Then ML on 9/25, and in mid October, any weapon opens.

    Are you in a city, or just near the lake? Best of luck in a difficult situation.
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    Exactly what would you have the state authorities do?

    The cougar is living right where he is suppose to. It is up to you to protect your property.

    I'd get myself an electric fence and some noise makers.

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    Lake Stevens is essentially a suburb of Everett, one of Washington's 5 largest cities, so there are a lot of homes, with a number of greenbelts. This is not an area of new development. The cougars are likely using the greenbelts as travel corridors. This isn't really living in the rural countryside, but some areas are county, while others are in the city limits of a number of small municipalities.

    A cougar in a suburb is a bit of a concern. More so that if it were just in someone's back 40. There are probably 40,000 people within 3 miles of the lake.

    With all of the noise made when they trapped that bobcat and bear in Seattle a few weeks back, it is a wonder that you got the response you did.
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    Hello neighbor! I'm in Lynnwood! [​IMG]

    Geez, that's really surprising to me. They'll come out for sightings out in Carnation and Maple Valley! And they would be out there in a FLASH if it was Seattle or Bellevue!

    The best I can suggest is firm up that coop with hardwire cloth and hotwire.

    Also, contact Komo News 4 about it. They love to hear stuff like this.
  10. Dogfish

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    Mar 17, 2010
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    Get Jesse!

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