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  1. After an exhausting few months of cheapo incubators spiking to bazillion degrees, power outages, humidity issues, etc.

    I've decided that once my last eggs hatch, I'm going to place a hatchery order in early August. That is, if everything is not too picked over or sold out.

    If that's the case, I will be waiting until NEXT summer to do this....BUT I thought I'd see if there is any interest...because I can't be having 25 chicks of any kind. [​IMG]

    I'm wanting just a few of certain breeds...probably 10, total. So I thought I'd see if anyone else around me is interested in splitting an order with me? I'm in Okanogan, but could travel partway to Spokane, Yakima or Seattle. In addition, my parents are in Portland and visit me several times a year....

    I'm wanting to order:

    1 Salmon Faverolle pullet
    1 salmon faverolle roo
    2 houdan pullets
    1 houdan roo
    2 sultan bantam pullets
    1 porcelain pullet
  2. I thought I'd add--if anyone is already placing an order, or thinking about doing it--I'd be wanting to order some chicks, too and I'd split the shipping with you!
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    May 22, 2008
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    Well, I don't know how much this would help you out, but I would desperately love to have a Salmon Faverolle pullet, although it would probably be better for me to wait until next summer since I think my husband will kill me if I add any other chickeny goodness to our lives anytime soon.

    I'd be happy to meet in the middle, or further east. I have an aunt near you.
  4. Well, I contacted Ideal today--she's going to do an inventory of what I'm looking for & get back to me. I have 3 SF pullets & lost my roo...so I'm ordering another one of those. [​IMG] I'll let you know if she's got any SF pullets...then you could get another one. Your hubby may not notice for a while. Mine took 5 days to see another horse in the pasture, once. [​IMG]
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    May 30, 2008
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    you should try mypetchicken i was going to order some more faverolles and they are the only ones with some left...they wont have any till september but thats better then next year right?
  6. The shipping there was pretty ridiculous, though. And Sept. will be too late as we have snow by October and I would hate downy chicks to be out in an unheated coop. [​IMG]

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