Washington state Initiative1130 egg initiative


9 Years
Oct 2, 2010
western Oregon
I am posting this post to collect a sample of chicken owners thoughts and concerns about an initiative filed that would change the way egg laying hens are housed in Washington state. These type of posts can easily get off topic and turn in to rants and other bashings and unsuitable discussions for the BYC forums so please be careful on posting your thoughts and try not to engage each other if possible in any negative way. I am not going to post any links on here but will tell you folks to browse the web to find info on both sides of the issue before you post. You can get a lot of info if you simply type in Washington state initiative 1130. Again please help me keep this post alive so I can update the progress of this issue as I believe it will effect all chicken owners in Washington and eventually all states. Thank you
While those sort of regulations are well intentioned, without a state ban on importing cage produced eggs from other states, it will put most of the egg producers in your state out of business. It will increase expenses for in-state producers, expenses that will be passed on to the consumer. Without a ban on imported cage produced eggs, in-state produced eggs will have to compete against cage produced eggs imported from other states.
I think you are right it would also violate interstate commerce law as well. It also would cause in the entire U.S. a 15 to 25 % increase in feed use and 1 million acres would be needed to produce the additional grains.

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