Washington State - Kitsap County Speckled Sussex Roosters - needing good home

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    Nov 21, 2012
    Hello, we have two 8 month old speckled sussex roosters that we are looking to re-home. They are both purebred SS, one has more speckles than the other, no all white feathers. Both have beautiful feather coloration, with the nice slate colored base, leading to the brown main, then the dark blue band and finally the white speckle at the tip. They are both sweet and can be handled with no problems, but they need a home with enough hens for them to service. We are keeping their father, but need to find homes for each of them (or both) where they can free range and make more babies!

    They are in good health, have been wormed recently and both have very sweet personalities (more like having a dog around than a rooster in many regards)...

    We live in Port Orchard, WA but are willing to travel a fair distance to bring them to a good home. Please contact me asap if you are interested. We are having to keep them cooped up right now to keep the peace with "Dad and the girls", which isn't much fun for them.

    Thanks for considering!

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