Wasp stings?

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    Sep 15, 2015
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    [​IMG]. Hi guys. Tryin to find out what hapen to my leg horns combs. I tink are wasp stings since i found a nest on the yaed and is at ground level , what have me tinking is tha the rest of my hens are fine, but they dont have a big comb like the lh.
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    [​IMG] I hate wasps! That's not what I would expect a sting or many stings to look like. But I haven't yet experienced it. [​IMG]

    The nests we have are in the ground as well. And they are some nasty, aggressive buggers. [​IMG]

    Good luck finding out if that's what it is.
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    someone on BYC told me to use sevin powder on the wasps - got rid of in ground wasps and also in wall wasps. They also hate moth balls, and you can catch a lot with sticky fly traps. I used a lot of stuff on them before tried the sevin powder & moth balls. Funny I got rid of them much easier than the fungus gnats that are driving me nuts with my many indoor plants. What I used on gnats doesn't seem to be working anymore.
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    The sevin powder works wonders on wasps. I had been battling a nest in my soffit and eaves in my home with every wasp spray on the market and clearly it wasn't spraying far enough in to make an impact. So the alternatives were to go up in the attic and crawl to the other end where the nest was (no way lol) or get a professional. Then I thought about sevin because the reason they are beginning to take steps to highly controller it is because it is contributing to bee depopulation. Don't like using it and only do so when I HAVE to.


    Made this little device from a used dish soap container and funnelled some sevin dust in....waited till dark, fed that tube up into the eaves and wore a respirator and squeezed to blow the dust all around up there. I haven't seen one wasp go in or out since! I have since shoved it into a hole in an old stump in the chicken run where I noticed a nest being made. Worked like a charm.

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