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10 Years
Apr 13, 2009
Cortland New York
My girls have a tendencyto put alot of food on the floor while they are eating. I was just wondering if there were ways to stop so much of the food from being wasted. They aren't really eating the food off the ground either. I'm getting tired of my money on food for my girls going to waste.
If you are able to raise the feeder to the height of their backs, that has worked for me. I have also started using the feeders that have the dividers all the way around the bottom to prevent them from pushing feed out. I had the same problem, but these two things have helped.
Lots of posts on here with cheap homemade feeders. (I was just looking last night.) Just start looking in the previous post pages for feeders- you can spend hours reading on this previously discussed topic.
"Billing" the food around is what throws it out onto the floor. It is a good reason to NOT mix things into the feed that are special treats for them. The birds will toss out the feed to get at the treats.

I raise the feeder (a hanging type on a chain) higher even than their backs. They have to stretch a little for it. Still they throw some on the floor.

One way to think about it - if you use chicken litter in the garden - organic fertilizer is MORE expensive than chicken feed!!

. . . my 2¢.

Yup, i have mine raised so that they have to work at it to eat. Its slightly above their backs <for the teens> and gets raised as I see it getting easier for them.

The adults usually have it just so they can almost stand on tiptoe to eat (at the level of the smaller bird), keeps them busy and they dont bill it out as much. Once the teens are at that size the feeder will be adjusted to normal height.

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