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    Hi. We have 8 bantams about 3 years old. Fed pellets. Wormed regularly and free range in a large garden. We moved house 4 months ago and all seemed fine. Now 4 are still bright and eating well but Losing weight And never have full crops. It's affecting males and females. Any ideas what it cud be and what tests we cud do. Thanks.
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    The loosing weight is what worries me ......

    Are you soaking the pellets in water for a day minimum before feeding your ducks ...

    Is there much of a difference in the temps from where you moved ......

    Are you doing anything different then you were before .....

    And what are you putting in their drinking water ??????
  3. What did you worm them with? How long has it been since you wormed them? Have you checked them for mites/lice? Weight loss is an indicator of parasites. What kindof feed are you feeding them? Is your feed fresh? Do you have a scale so you can monitor their weight?
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    Welcome to BYC. Two things that come to mind here. Since you moved to new soil, coccidiosis could be a problem, since they may be exposed to a strain they are not immune to. Secondly, bantams may eat crumbles better than pellets. I use both in flat pans on the ground, and my bantams all tend to prefer them. I would also recommend using a probiotic/vitamin powder in their water every other day. The B vitamins can boost appetite, and the probiotics promote good gut bacteria and help prevent intestinal diseases. The type of wormer used may also be important since SafeGuard and Valbazen will get most or all chicken worms, and Wazine only gets roundworm. Corid liquid 2 tsp per gallon of water for 5 days will treat coccidiosis.
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