Watch out for the wire ends, hard on beaks!

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    Was fixing a loose piece of fencing, so I wrapped a strand of wire around the post and the loose piece, twisted it secure, clipped off the excess but didn't knock it flat.
    Went on about my inspection and just happened to look back in time to see a young turkey peck the end of the twist. Must have thought it was a bug on the wire but it pecked hard enough to damage the end of his beak causing it to bleed! A little corn starch and all was well but it was an avoidable injury

    Morale of the story: Take a extra second to flatten the end of cut wire to prevent injury
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    Chickens are a lot like horses, if there isn't a way to get hurt...they will find one! You really can never be too safe. Thanks for sharing your tale of woe. Glad to hear the young turk will be ok. Just tell him scars are sexy. [​IMG]

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