Watched "The Cove" for the first time last night.

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  1. I'd been seeing the previews for weeks and hadn't planned on actually watching the documentary. I am very sensitive about things like that and knew I'd be hysterical. However, by the time it aired last night I decided that forcing myself to watch would be worth it if it meant being able to educate others and find ways to help make a difference. I highly recommend that you watch this documentary if you care about the plight of marine mammals. It was incredibly heartbreaking, but also incredibly informative.

    If you've seen it or know what it's about and want to sign a petition to end the annual slaughter of thousands upon thousands of dolphins and porpoises, PLEASE go here

  2. I just started watching it. I tivo'd it last night. The whole thing makes me sick.
  3. Me too. I'm so thankful for those brave individuals who are responsible for bringing this matter to the public's attention and risking their lives to do so. To think that most of Japan didn't even have a clue this was going on right under their noses... I hope enough people stand up to end it once and for all; same with whaling.
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    No way. I saw a segment about dolphin slaughter on Oprah. Before they showed the dolphins getting killed they said, "any children or sensitive people might want to go out of the room." Should've made a run for it then.

    P.S. I have since quit watching Oprah.
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  5. Yes, it's very disturbing [​IMG]

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