Wated to share Pictures of my new Chickens( Pic Heavy)


13 Years
Jan 11, 2007
Bryant Alabama
Some of you may know I lost my flock in December and I have been rebuilding. I was out on this beautiful day and took pictures of my progress. Many of my birds come from Friends here on BYC

This one is my newly hatched Mottled d'Uccle

These are some of my Buff Silkies



Now for some cochins


These are not all but a good sample. I have Blue and Black Silkies and I have a few Sizzles left from eggs that I was able to save. I am setting my first batch of Sizzle eggs from my Frizzled Cochin and Blue Silkie tomorrow. It has been a long rough trip but I feel like I am over the hump. Thanks you Julie, BamaChicken, Claudia, allaboutdemchicks and greg Cole for birds and there are others who sold me nice eggs.
Beautiful, Jaynie. Looks like you are well on your way back to building your flock. Those buffs are just gorgeous! Did you get those from Julie? And, you 're going to love those mottled D'Uccles. I've got some from Lynne (wwmicasa1) that are really growing, and they're just beautiful birds. And the Cochins-what can I say? They're just precious!

Paula, The d'Uccles are from Lynn as well and they are just so cute. I had some Millies a few years ago and they were just the sweetest birds. The Roo was a pill but the little girls were just great. The are talkers.

Some of the Buffs are from Julie and I did hatch out some from my own eggs as well. Julie and I had similar lines in our buffs. Thought Julie did a better job than I with her's she has a fantastic eye.

WOW! All of them look gorgeous! I love the buff silkies---I am so drawn to the buffs this year as you know. And those cochins---awesome!!!
I need to cutdown on hatching, but man seeing those makes me want to hatch more more more!

Take Care,
Good Luck Jaynie! Lord knows you deserve some. Thoughts and prayers from here for the hatch of the eggs. The ones you've got are just gorgeous.

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