Water ballon like egg no yolk


Feb 23, 2015
Bancroft NE
My chicken is 1 1/2 yrs and she has started to lay dis formed eggs and on a few occasions eggs that the shell feels like a water balloon with no yolk. It is always broken when I find it like she is "pooping" it out when she roosts? She acts completely normal eats drinks moves around everything else just fine. Should I be worried?


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7 Years
Sep 14, 2012
Santiago Chile
I have one that does this. She'll go a couple of months with no eggs, then lay 2 or 3 perfect ones, then over the course of a week or so will lay progressively softer eggs, usually in the roost at night. Then she stops for a couple of months again. She's at least 4 years old I think so maybe it's just that, wish I could get her to just stop! She's done her share, she could just enjoy her retirement!
So no help from me, just empathy!

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