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11 Years
Feb 17, 2008
Anybody know if chicks, and even adult chickens, will drink from a water bottle? You know, the type used for rabbits and other critters? I know when I had parakeets, I used one and they'd drink from it, but what about chickens? I'm so sick of cleaning shavings out of the chick waterer, it would take up much less floor space in the brooder box, and the water would certainly remain cleaner. Plus, it would be nice to hang up for a broody hen, so she wouldn't have to leave the nest so often or for birds that needs to be separated for whatever reason... Thoughts?
I have gotten from the feed store a small top that you can put on a Soda (Pop) bottle. Fits right on the top and has a small tray(looks kind like a finger). Just tip over and you have water. I used when I has chicks.
I have seen that posted before. Someone did start when the chicks were young and taught them to use rabbit water bottles. It's a very clever idea I think! As is using the gravity rabbit feeders that have the sifter feature.
I just set up a rabbit waterer for one of our extra roos and the second he saw the drop of water at the end, he went straight for it and has no trouble getting a drink from it. I'm definately going to set up more "rabbit" waterers for the chickens.

Good idea. You just answered a question for me as to providing water for some slightly older chicks I'll be getting Sunday. I have an extra water bottle, do I'll put that on the cage with the six littlest ones and put the waterer I have in there out for the older chicks and maybe for the broody I will put in the same place when I move her Sunday. Thanks!
I'm glad to hear that water bottles have worked for some of you. I really want to try it when I move my current batch of chicks from the brooder into the bigger rabbit hutch. It'll leave a lot more floor space for them, and a lot less mess for me! Anybody else who tries it before then, post back and let us know how it goes if you think of it. Thanks!

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