Water dripping from ducks' nose?


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May 11, 2019
So I got a couple of ducks and they're about 2 months old now. I just noticed the other day that one of them has water (I think it's water at least. It's a clear liquid that doesn't look like mucus) that sometimes constantly drips out of his nose. I mostly see it starting to drip from his nose when he's sitting and it's very infrequent as sometimes it happens and other times it doesn't. He hasn't drank any water before it usually starts happening either, which is why I found it odd. Other than that, he's acting perfectly fine, running around, eating/drinking normally, and no breathing difficulties. I'm just wondering if this is anything I should be worried about, or if it's perfectly normal. Thanks for any advice!

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Oct 3, 2009
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If you can get a video up here that would help. I’ve never seen water run out unless it’s after they have drank water or been in the pool. Doesn’t mean it hasn’t happened I’ve just not seen it. If you can put up a video you’ll need to put it on Vimeo or you tube then copy an paste here.

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