Water for winter


14 Years
Nov 8, 2007
Lafayette, Indiana
I cannot seem to find the home made waterers I saw on here before.
Also, I was wondering how much electricity a water trough heater uses? I am thinking about rigging a water storage tank for the coop since we can't run water to it and I don't want to carry water from the barn on a daily basis.
anybody there?
Don't know about the home made waterier but as for the electricity used by a heater depends on the wattage of the unit and the outside temp and how long it will be on.
When we lived up north, we used a floating stock tank heater that always kept part of the surface open water. They come is different wattages depending upon desired results. Might work for you fine.
Don't buy that waterer Technodoll. I bought that waterer and sent it back. The plastic is so thin and flimsy. I think it would not last one season. Sorry to be so blunt, but I could not believe how cheap it was made. I will use a bucket heater that I used last year. Not fancy but works.
Oh wow! I had no idea... THANK YOU so much for the advice, you just saved me money, time and aggravation!

I hope the coop won't get to below freezing, I still need to insulate it some more and add proper ventilation, will do the deep litter method and all... it's about 12 x 11 and have 14 chickens in there.

Worst case I will use a heated dog bowl to get through the winter months. I found one here at the local farm co-op for $70.

Anyone know where I can order one for cheaper?

I am in Canada and cannot order from the USA as customs and duties are very expensive, so is shipping across the border...

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