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    First of all.....sorry about the "spoiler" post below. I somehow clicked the spoiler icon then couldn't get rid of it. Anyway....here is the problem/question......

    Early this week, I had an extension cord come loose at the outlet. The heater under the waterer in one of my coops turned off and the water froze. Now, the 18 hens in that coop that had been putting out about 16 eggs a day are now putting out about 6 or 7 a day. The problem has been fixed and lots of good fresh water is now available. I have heard before that the lac of water will absolutely kill egg production. I found lots of articles supporting that. I can NOT find anything telling me how long.....(if ever) the problem will correct and they will go back to full production.

    Thanks, Tim
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    Once something puts the flock out of sorts, it is not unusual for it to take a few days for them to get back to "normal".

    Be patient [​IMG]
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    Once my chickens started laying like it was winter because of a frozen water problem over a month ago I still don't have normal egg production. Went from roughly 30-35 eggs a week to about 18-20 eggs. Not happy about this but I was told spring time will just about be the only thing to return them to normal production.

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