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    Jan 13, 2011
    augusta, georgia
    Hey folks, first below freezing nights just upon us. I need to find a way to keep the water from freezing. I can run a drop cord up there but it's about 75 yards from power source. It's a 5 gallon plastic waterer, hangs under the henhouse (pics on my profile page).
    What kind of heater should I get?
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    May 24, 2011
    Wow. First of all, what a beautiful coop! Second, a beautiful little girl too.
    As far as a waterer, I know a lot of people who are using heated dog water dishes or bird bath type water devices.
    I'm actually trying to figure out what to do myself. I have just 3 ladies and use a nipple style waterer (which I couldn't give up - it's super clean and lasts so long since there's little waste). One thing I had considered was wrapping something likepipe tape around the bottle. It would provide just enough warmth to keep it thawed, just like a pipe.
    I then decided I'd just string some of that stuff under the floor of my coop (see my page for photos) and that the warm coop would keep the water from freezing. THEN I started reading that you shouldn't heat your coop at all if possible. The birds will adjust - even here in Vermont. Now I just don't know what I'm going to do.

    Let me know what you choose.
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    WOW--great looking coop! What I use is the heated base that you make with a cookie tin. I just picked up a new tin at St Vinnies yesterday to make another one. Works great and keeps the water thawed even at below zero temps! I use plastic and metla waterers on them and they dont get hot enough to do any damage to the plastic.
    With the water pipes it might work to use heat tape...with that small amount of chickens though I guess i would go with a heated dog dish...sure wish I could get away with that! If you put it on a base with hardware cloth to drain spilled water it shouldnt be too messy...and the dish wont short out that way either...dont ask me how I know that [​IMG] HTH Terri O
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    May 24, 2011
    Quote:I'm curious how this cookie tin thing works? What is the heating element?
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