Water Heaters for Wild Birds, Pets, Useful too

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    Apparently you can get water heaters for wild birds and other pets, too, they're in most hardware stores. A lot of them are perfect for the coop provided you have an electric outlet. Sometimes they're cheaper than poultry supplies. Remember to shield the cord with a metal spring or something if it doesn't have a guard.

    http://www.forthebirdsnatureshop.ca/sto … FQodChXdyw

    http://www.snowcountrypets.com/products … FQodI0xDMA


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    Cool thanks! [​IMG]
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    It can be difficult to find poultry supplies all year round. Our suppliers tend to bering things in the spring, with chicks. I was lucky to find a 3 gal double-walled font and heater base recently, but if you can't, most hardware stores have heated dishes and bird baths coming in NOW.[​IMG]

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