Water in coop and increasing humidity

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    I was reading in other posts how water in the coop can increase the humidity. I understand this, but does it always increase it? An open waterer, dripping, leaking or large surface area might.

    I have 7 chickens in a 10 x 8 ventilated coop with a backup waterer (5 gallon water bucket with two water cups). They don't spill any on the floor and the level in the bucket seems to do down very slowly. The bucket has a lid on it.

    I guess I can get a humidity monitor and find out [​IMG]
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    Water cups and nipples are best to keep humidity down. I can't have open water in my coop or I notice a lot more frost.
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    I keep my water fount in the coop, and I don't think it makes any difference at all. If you have proper ventilation, it won't.

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