Water in coop or not?

Discussion in 'Ducks' started by treldib, Jul 26, 2010.

  1. treldib

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    Jul 5, 2010
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    We have a pair of 6 1/2 week old hens (Black Swede and Golden 300) that we just built a "micro-aviary" for. It is basically a 10x10 dog run which is chain link fence covered in 1/2' chicken wire from ground level to 2' and more 1/2' chicken wire on top with 1/4' hardware cloth on top of that. There is a very large wooden dog house (lol it even has shingles on top) attached to it for them to go in at night. They mostly free range during the day and at night we will put them into the "duck motel" (aka Dog House) and close the door, so far they free range during the day under close supervision and sleep in their brooder in the house at night (which they have outgrown long ago LOL). Will they need water while in the "Duck Motel"? Thanks in advance everyone.
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    Jan 11, 2010
    People will respond telling you yes and no- depending on what they dio themselves. Ducks are waterfowl- they need water- but can go for some periods without it- In summer especially if they are in a smaller environment with little air circulation they can quickly overheat. Most people dont give their ducks water as a convenience to themselves to aviod having to clean up the mess- but if that is not an issue to you- a small bucket will at least give them something to help keep cooler.
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    Jul 1, 2009
    We keep water in the pen at night. Not a huge container. But enough so that they can get a drink if they want to. Especially in the hot summer months. It's a bit of a mess, but I wouldn't want to go with out a cool drink on a hot summer night and I don't want my ducks to either.[​IMG]
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    I tried all kinds of ways to keep water in the coop. It just got to messy and it made the coop hot and humid at night and I didn't like closing the door with the coop feeling that way. Sure I have vents but with the type of hot humid weather we've been having it doesn't matter much. So, I took the water out which is slowing down the flies. Now their door stays open at night and they can go in and out for water or food if they want. I was thinking about cutting an opening in the floor for the water to drain. Let's just say it's still in thought.
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    Try this setup. Waterer, food bowls, and a tray below it. Keeps my duck house dry.
    Inside of the duck house with rubber floor runners and pine wood shavings.
  6. HottentotTeal

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    Apr 12, 2010
    I have a pond in the aviary and always provide a bowl with water for them.

    They tend to sleep in the pond or right on the edge most nights.

    If they are not around food or bugs, it would probably be ok to leave them without it, but I wouldn't want to chance it myself.

    It's pretty hot in my area.
  7. Amiga

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    I have a secure pen attached to their house. The pen is well drained with an earth, hardware cloth, sand bottom and bedding. That is where their water is at night. Their food is there during the day, too. I remove only the food at night. At six and a half weeks old, yours should be able to do without water for 8 hours or so at night unless it is above 70F. These are not hard fast numbers, just what I am comfortable with.
  8. sourland

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    May 3, 2009
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    They will be fine overnight without water. If you decide to provide water use a system similar to that suggested by Katherinead. Bored ducks are really good at creating sloppy messes in their sleeping quarters if water is available.

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