Water Incubating Eggs?


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May 15, 2010
Is it possible to Water Incubate eggs for say the 1st 18 days and then put them in a
regular incubator? I was thinking in a fish tank with a heater at 99.5 for 18 days then
in the tank without the water for the rest till they hatched. Tell me what you feel and why
It wouldnt work I would think- as eggs need to loose moisture during incubation- having them in water - the eggs would absorb it and the growing chicks would drown. The air cell needs to increase to almost 1/3 the size of the egg just before hatching. Eggs are porous and air transfer also needs to occur.
im currently toying with the idea of hatching eggs in an aquarium. but not in the way i think your thinking!
i will be using one large and one small aquarium i shall be putting the smaller aquarium inside the larger aquarium, and filling the larger aquarium with water., so the eggs will not be wet at all! both aquariums are the same height but different length and widths so fit nicely with room left all around for water to circulate. then i shall put the water heater in and play about until i get the temp i need in the smaller aquarium. there will also be a water pump to circulate the water if needed
i have yet to find out how the humidity will be effected with all the water (waiting on my hydro thingybob) but will be sure to let you know.
both aquariums have fixed lids so i dont know whether to just keep the big one on, or keep both closed suppose its something i have to toy around with before setting eggs in there. but im hoping it will work
the smaller aquarium also has a light in the lid so if extra heat is needed.......

but yeah its an idea im hoping to try very soon.
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Won't work! Chicks have the blood vessels linning the inside of the shell. They exchange carbon dioxide and take in oxygen through the shell wall. They act just like the lungs until the chick is ready to actually breath. Hense the air cell. that is why if you help a chick out too soon they will bleed to death! The blood is still pumping through the vessels until they draw it in with the yolk sac right before hatch.

God Bless!
my idea or his idea?? cause my idea doesnt involve the eggs being submerged and has vents in the lid for oxygen/air circulation
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it doesnt float, its too heavy

but i suppose if you tried it small scale and the smaller tank did float, you could just weigh it down with something?
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