Water is the secret to great looking ducks with out even trying.


7 Years
Jul 25, 2012
New Mexico
Do you want great looking ducks with out trying ? Then there going to need for a trio of three .The use of 6-8 hours of swimming ducks and water do go together .Add some breeding minnows to that pool of water. And your going to have great looking ducks with out really trying. There nothing in my book like watching the flying banty breeds on the water on a frosty morning.
Here some suggestions old 6 to 10 foot cattle waters can be repaired with flex seal and used for ducks or make your own out of ply wood and 2x4 and flex seal. Rosy red minnows or fat head minnows can be purchased in aquarium places or bait shops .they take really cold water and breed Easy in summer. Whole barley grows really fast because its a annual ducks like it to. Plant around duck swimming areas if you need something fast growing for feed. Minnows are feed by duck poop and insects. You may need tire for them to hide in if you have blue herons around.

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