Water keeps freezing during the night, but why?

Discussion in 'Feeding & Watering Your Flock' started by americana-lover, Dec 28, 2012.

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    Apr 13, 2012
    Every night, my girls go up into there coop around 6, that's when it gets dark here in MI right now, and I fix their newspaper, but some extra straw in their egg boxes, and clean out their food and water and give them fresh. But for the past few days, there water has been frozen! I don't get this at all, because I thought my coop was really well built. I only have 5 Americanas, so their coop is 4x4. with 2 egg boxes and a small window.
    I do have a light bulb in there, just so they would be warm enough. The bulb is a 250w infer red, and i sometimes keep it on during the day, like today when its around 15 deg. out, but I always turn it off around 8-10 pm. My coop is insulated, and I thought chickens create like, 10 deg. of their own heat. So I don't know why my coop is under 32 deg. Please help, I don't my girls to be freezing cold at night. Thanks!
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    Possibly cause heat rises? I'm guessing your water is on the ground and your birds are toward the top of the coop. Plus, they're usually fluffed together. If you stick your hand in under a chicken's belly that's roosting with other birds, you'll be suprised how warm they are there!
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    I agree with donrae. And i wouldnt worry about them beign to cold.....everything you read on here says not to add heat to the coop. I am in the midwest and we have dipped into the negative temps and noone seems to be bothered by this. (I have a large coop 12 x 24 ft with 24 chickens-so its not heating up from them at all). WHenever I feel their tummys or feet, they are toasty. I have a heated dog dish in the coop that prevents freezing but have one that stays in a cage and I just give fresh water in the morning and evening for her.
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    Dec 16, 2011


    Waterer on floor level is in the coldest part of the coop. The top of the coop would be the warmest.

    Think hot air balloon. Hot air raises and cold air sinks.

    Get a electric heater for under your waterer like: http://www.tractorsupply.com/farm-innovators-heated-base-for-poultry-water-feeder-2167298

    Next problem....
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    I have used both rubber feeding/waterers, which bend to break up the ice when you water them daily. Also, I have a heated dog water bowl on the floor. Chickens aren't interested in chewing on the metal cord, so they are safe.
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    I've heard that a standard chicken produces something like 10 watts of energy, they are not good for producing 10 degrees of temp rise though. I have some Ameracaunas, and they are one breed that can handle cold weather. They won't freeze to death. Save on your electric bill and get rid of the unnecessary heatlamp. Check out the link below. I have used one of those in my coop for the last 3 yrs, and it works great. Cost less than $5 to build. That beats the heck out of almost $50 in T/S. I use a 40W bulb in it, powered through a thermo cube to shut it off if the temp goes up over 45 degrees.


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