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    Anyone ever use a Water Nannie as a brooder for their newly hatched chicks?


    Years ago I purchased (and then made) a couple of Water Nannies when I was raising Lady Gouldian finches. These are (basically) two "critter carriers" of the same size with the bottom one having an aquarium heater either cut and glued (with aquarium sealant) into the bottom carrier or a submersible aquarium heater placed in the bottom carrier with the cord running up and along the side (a submersible heater with the controls near the plug works best if using this type).

    Water is added to the bottom carrier, the top carrier is placed inside and the heater is turned on, allowing warm water to heat the bottom and the sides of the inside carrier. Sometimes small holes are drilled along the top of the inside carrier to allow a bit of humidity. Chicks are placed in the inner carrier to be surrounded by warm water.

    We're attempting to hatch our first chicken eggs and today two mille fleur bantam cochin eggs hatched in my Brinsea mini incubator. I just got a call from my partner (the incubator is in the bedroom he uses for his office) and he said one of the chicks seems to be staring at him in the incubator, giving him the creeps! I told him I'll be dragging down the Water Nannie when I get home from work and getting it ready for the new additions.


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