Water nipples came today - now what?

Discussion in 'Feeding & Watering Your Flock' started by happydog, Jun 20, 2010.

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    So now I have an envelope full of nipples - how do I use them? They're the push in kind. I have no idea what is the best container to use them in. I have 12 teenage turkeys, would a 5 gallon bucket be good? Then I have 30 chicks along with 4 goslings in a brooder so what would work for them?

    I hang the container up over their heads so they have to reach up to drink, right? How do you handle it when you've got different sizes of birds together? For instance I have 3 bantam chickens in with the turkeys.

    How many nipples per container? Or is it per bird?

    Is there some kind of FAQs about the nipple watering system somewhere or a simple how-to manual or website about them?

    As usual I'm excited to get going with no idea what I'm doing. [​IMG]

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    Do a search for nipple water systems and you'll get lots of advice. Good luck.

    I think a 5-gallon bucket is perfect. And if you have different sized birds, put a brick or something that the little ones can jump up on. Remember, you need a couple of small holes in the bucket near the lid so that the vacuum doesn't prevent waterer from working correctly.
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    You could also use two buckets at different heights if yiu have the room. Someone wrote earlier that you need one nipple for 9 birds but a few more wouldn't hurt. I put two nipples in each bucket. I have one inside and one out.
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