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    I have a heater in the chicken coop for the water but my chickens like to go outside in my garden even when it is really cold . I have put straw out for them to walk on and a flake of hay to peck on but any suggestions on water outside? Shoul I just take warm water out to them occasionally ?
  2. If they have access to the water in the chicken coop during the day, they should be fine without any additional water. They know where their water is when they get thirsty.
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    Ditto Dat^^^
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    Yes, if the water is thawed and they can get to it, they will be OK. You don’t have to water outside.

    If you really want to water outside, get a black rubber bowl or small tub, they sell them at Tractor Supply, and set it in the sun. If the sun is shining the water will stay thawed pretty well down to some pretty low temperatures. But the sun needs to shine and if it is truly bitterly cold it will still eventually freeze. In the mornings or when I need to get the ice out, I just bang them on the frozen ground and the ice comes out without breaking the rubber bowl.

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