Water Softener System for Whole Home. Great Condition!

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    Hello fellow BYC members.

    I have a Water Softener System for the whole home which is in very good condition and is evaluated at much less than what it costs and I bought it for. The system is about three years old and have it now for sale because of how I had to move from my home to an apartment and now have this system sitting in storage until someone could continue using its wonderfull benefits.

    Water Softeners are great for removing particles including too much calcium in the water and making water softer rather than hard to make your skin feel soft, and your hair feel soft instead of hard and tough. This is always true where there is bad quality water, water from a well where it contains to much particles, minerals, and calcium. Water softener systems also remove the bad taste in water that has too much of these particles where it concentrates and makes water bad tasting. This system filters all that, etc.
    This is one of the reasons why myself and many other people in the state of FL bought these systems for their home because Florida residents do not get water from rivers, or streams like in other state, rather they take it from the Florida aqueduct which is an underground water storage; like well water. And due to this the water is not good tasting and makes your hair hard and skin tough.

    These system ussually range in price from $4,000-$5,000 which is almost the amount I paid for it about three years ago. Now I am selling it at a really good price but I am taking reasonable offers. My loss is your gain and treasure.

    I am asking $2,000 for anyone intersted or better reasonable offer. I am looking forward to selling this in Orlando, FL or in the state of FL where the person interested could pick it up or if you are interested and cannot pick it up or live in another state I can maybe do shipping but will have to see how much it would cost.

    Please intersted please email me or send me a message. If you might know of anyone who could be interested and could pass the word around I would appreciate it as this is taking space instead of benefiting someone that needs a system like this.

    Thank you very much and God Bless.


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