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I have questions about water solutions for ducks. I think I know the answer but I want to hear experienced answers. I have my 6 ducklings ranging from 1 month to 3 weeks in my chicken coop with my chickens. My plan is to give them their own space soon with a kiddy pool available to swim in. I need the space on my coop for chickens, but also as we all know ducks are messy and are pigs. They gulp the water faster than I can keep it filled and muddy up the water containers. So their own space really is the best option IMO so they can be ducks and not be a burden.

I have been reading that a lot of chicken keepers use nipple PVC systems. Can a duck drink out of a nipple? Would it be logical to switch to this before I get my ducks out or a death sentence? Keep in mind I live in west Texas and we are already having 90 degree days. I am not sure a nipple system is a good idea even for chickens in my location. I'm still researching that. Input is appreciated.
A duck can drink out of a nipple feeder, but they also always need access to water deep enough to dunk their bills and heads into.
I can see how you might think "pig," but in my experience, it's more like "waterfowl."

Take a look at these and see if this helps.




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I found this on pinterest a few months ago.


The person basically took a container, cut some holes big enough for the ducks to get their head in, but not big enough to get their poop in. You could rig this up to a self-filling situation like the pinner did. I'm gonna hang a 5 gallon bucket with a piece of PVC in to vacuum-feed the water when it gets too low (Kind of like holding your finger over the end of a straw) and put the whole thing on a a 2x4 frame covered in 1/2" hardware cloth(or filled with gravel), to reduce mud.

Also - this is a great option, and basically what I'm doing, but with a 5 gallon water bottle
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GQ, I am adding that one to my list. Thanks!

That is very close to what I finally started doing when we went to the five gallon waterer. I got a short rubber bucket to sit it in.
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Here is my new 7 gallon waterer. Seems to be working well. The only thing I was out of pocket was the water bowl at the base because I didn't have one small enough around already. Everything I had my little guys could drown in. Can't see it from the picture but there are aquarium rocks in the base until some get a little older. I didn't rig up a PVC fill spout because there is a water hose that I can easily drop through and fill it with outside the coop. I didn't want to take the chance of messing the seal up on my lid. I didn't have another good sealed one on hand.
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