Water supply for chickens in cold climates

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    A few years back, I started the chicken habit, and the people on this forum helped me a lot with starter ideas.
    One of the ideas was a water supply for the chickens that was not susceptible for freezing weather.
    I ended up with a *system* that worked but never figured that some day, everything would freeze up due to the fact that I got low on water ! I went on a one week trip and came back to frozen water supply for the chickens.

    I figured out what happened and now have changed the system so that this will not happen again.
    The main reason was that the supply in the main tank got too low for the circulating pump to keep it circulating.
    The *return* then froze and that was all it took to freeze everything.

    So here the changes I made and this should now eliminate the fact that it should get low on water and thus also stop the water to ever freeze again.

    The system is based on the presumption that moving water will freeze at much lower temperature than water that is standing.
    I also rerouted the circulating water to get to the drinking reservoir via the return line to the main supply.

    This last winter, the lowest temps encountered were -15 degrees F. Water did not freeze. I do have those black foam water pipe insulating sleeves around the return line, but inside the coup you have to protect the foam with some alu shield, since the chickens peck at it !
    The fresh water inlet has an electric strip heater wound around also powered by the Thermo Controlled outlet.

    I hope this may help some ...

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    Good job!

    I, thankfully, will never have to worry about frozen water, but if the time comes I will remember your post!

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