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    Jan 13, 2009
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    This is probably dumb because I know at what temperature water freezes... but I was wondering if a waterer inside of a 4 x 6 coop with five chickens is in danger of freezing when the outside temperature drops to 29 degrees. I'm writing from the Chicago area and I wasn't planning on buying a water heater for the chickens I'll be getting in five days until fall, but we're supposed to be getting snow this week and I'm concerned about the availability of unfrozen water. Should I postpone my chicken pickup by a week, or just hope that everyone will be OK?


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    How old are the chickens?
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    It depends:
    On the inside temperature of the coop.
    On how much water you have.
    On how long it stays below freezing.

    Bring the water in at night and put it back out in the morning. The few hours they are without water should not hurt them.

    A light bulb or heat lamp hung near the waterer might also help.
  4. lalyswishytail

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    Jan 13, 2009
    Chicago area
    The chickens were born this year, and since I won't have them for three more days, that's the best I can give for their age.

    The temperature of the coop without chickens in it is the same temperature as outside--it's well ventilated unless I put plexiglass over the windows.

    I can't remember off-hand, but I think I have a five gallon waterer. If it's not five gallons, then it is three gallons.

    The freezing temperatures should only last over night and I think it's only predicted for one night, maybe two.

    I'm just so excited to FINALLY get my new friends that waiting one more day due to the weather is agony!

    Thanks for your advice.

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