Water tray auto filler?

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    Jan 8, 2014
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    I purchased an apparatus from GQF that automatically keeps the tray at a certain level...it's basically a 5 gallon bucket with a hose and a pan with a float. Anyone ever DIY'd one? I'm looking for ideas for my other incubator. It sure makes life easier not filling the tray every day!
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    Nov 23, 2010
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    I bought a cheap gallon of wine. Maybe it was two gallons. Anyway, it was the biggest glass bottle I could find. (plastic bottles collapse in a vacuum.
    I drilled a hole in the screw cap to fit a 1/4" ID hose and silicone the hose into the hole, I drilled a hole in the top of the incubator with a 4" PVC coupling to support the bottle in a vertical position. Suspended above the hatcher is a 12X18 inch pan with a big sponge in it. The hose is long enough to extend just below the rim of the pan. The fans draw hatcher air across the eggs, over the pan and back over the eggs.
    I drank the wine while I did that.

    Does that make sense?
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