Water wigglers

They were suggested to me by a poster on BYC to use in the incubator, with the thermometer probe inside, to get a more accurate idea of the temp inside of an egg itself.
we made one with a small ziplock bag, one that I got some leg bands in, that actualy makes it about the same size of a standard egg, for more accuate an idea on how the heat fluctuates....
Ziplock bag has not a shape, or a mass of an egg. You are going to get false reading if your ziplock bag has a different volume that an egg (thermal mass and volume).

I would not bother with that.

Better blow an egg, flush it, fill it with water, insert a probe of a thermometer in it, then seal it.

Now you have the closest thing simulating internal egg temperature.

Anything wrong with this approach?
I just stole my nephews silly putty. It already comes in an egg. one small hole for the temp probe and into the bator it goes! Just stick the probe int the actual silly putty.
the only pic i have is this one you can see the silly putty egg at the far right side of the shot.

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