Waterer insulation blanket - ideas?


Aug 3, 2018
Western Maryland
Anyone made a insulation blanket for your waterers? I just ordered this water tank heater and plan to put it in our 15 gallon waterers with horizontal nipples. Now I figure it is going to run a lot less and have less nipple freezes if I insulates it.

Has anyone made a blanket to cover it and something the chickens will not pick apart?
You could maybe get some tough material like duck cloth or moving blankets and zip tie it around the waters, then stuff between the wall of it with insulation material or whatever you have around. Also keeping the water off the ground a little might help with frost. As long as the heater is heating the water above freezing, it should be fine.
Let the de icer sit on the bottom of your drum or the nipples might freeze.
I have foil bubble, but I never put it on
my waterer. Maybe this winter I'll get around to it.

@aart do you still have foil bubble covering your waterer, do the chickens bother it?
@aart do you still have foil bubble covering your waterer, do the chickens bother it?
Yes I do, and yes they did...had to cover the bubble wrap with a piece of old feed bag.
I also put a piece of 2" pink foam under that gray bucket(not sure it helps).
Foam used to be wrapped in feed bag and touching jug, but it got wet and nasty.

If you have a sewing machine that could handle it, I'd look for used horse blankets for sale cheap. Some of those are really really well insulated, and the outers are tough, because horses lol.

Or that shiny stuff mentioned above, with something over it.

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