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    waterfowlrescue is a yahoo group that has a network across the US. Below are some postings from today 8-22-08 that I received via email. Please don't email me regarding these posts, contact the person directly on info provided. Katharine, KY

    THERE ARE SEVERAL STATES LISTED. Hope this was okay to post. Visit this group within yahoo:

    1. MO - Union - Ducks and Geese Need Homes
    Posted by: [email protected]
    Wed Aug 20, 2008 2:06 pm (PDT)
    Long Meadow Ranch has ducks, geese and many other animals for adoption.
    See their website for information on adopting these animals.
    http://www.longmead owrescueranch. org/
    When you see a ranch animal on-line that you would like to adopt, please
    complete an adoption application and contact Longmeadow Rescue Ranch by
    e-mail or phone (636) 583-8759 to schedule an appointment. Please be
    certain you meet all adoption requirements.

    2. 3 Pekin Ducks & 1 Kahki Campbell Up For Adoption (Riegelsville, Pa)
    Posted by: "Patricia" [email protected] i_amaqte
    Wed Aug 20, 2008 10:28 pm (PDT)
    I have 4 "teenage" ducks up for adoption. They are NOT food, so don't
    bother me if you plan on eating them. The adoption fee is $3.00 per
    duck or 4 for $10.00. The Khaki Campbell has it's adult feathers and
    appears to be a girl, the Pekins still have yellow "fuzz" on them, but
    it is quickly going away. Please do your research before adopting a
    duck. Find out what shelter they need, what they eat, etc. Any
    questions, feel free to email me. No pictures available. They look
    like typical Pekins and khaki Campbell ducks:) They are very cute.
    Pick up on weekend.

    NY - Troupsburg - Ducks and chickens need homes
    Posted by: "[email protected]"
    Thu Aug 21, 2008 6:10 pm (PDT)
    20-30 Chickens, One Duck Couple
    Melissa Buffington
    327 Schall Road
    Troupsburg, NY 14885
    Phone: 607-525-6512 (Day)
    Phone: 607-525-6443 (Evening)
    E-mail: [email protected] aol.com_ (mailto:[email protected] aol.com)
    We are unable to keep up with our 100 acre farm in Troupsburg, and will be
    moving to Pine City where we will only have about 10 acres. We need to
    downsize our number of animals significantly because my father is ill and me and my
    mother both work full time. I do not want to sell my chickens and ducks
    because I do not want anyone to eat them or mistreat them. I only want a good home
    for them where they can live out the rest of thier lives happy.
    The female duck does have a disability from being hit by a car. She gets
    around but is a little slow. They are both Rouen ducks. The chickens are
    assorted. Some are regular size and some are bantams. There are also some mixes. I
    have about 15 baby chicks right now. Some are about a month old and then there
    are 3 that are only about a week old. An older hen named "the church lady"
    is caring for them in a proctected pen. She is not fond of people but takes
    her job as mother hen very seriously. Please feel free to contact me with any
    questions. Thanks.

    Special Duck Needs New Home
    Sebastopol, CA 95472
    Phone: 716-688-4638
    E-mail: [email protected] net_ (mailto:[email protected] net)
    Circle (Zircle) is a blind young duck (less than one year) who needs a new
    home. He also swims in circles. We are pretty sure that its a male. He needs a
    home where he is contained because animals like trying to eat him.
    Lately its getting harder to catch him from the huge pond to lock him up at
    night, and the predator birds are starting to get too close for comfort.
    Please, this is a pet, not a meal. Also, it would be nice if you had other
    friendly ducks. Not sure about the breed, very light brown, but without the
    dark pinstripes that some of our other ducks have. Needs to go asap please.

    16 Beautiful Ducks, Different Breeds
    Sarah Barnett
    Chantilly, VA
    Email: [email protected] gmail.com_ (mailto:%[email protected] gmail.com)
    8 Males, 8 Females
    These 16 ducks are rescues, and are all in good health. They seem to be
    young adults, and there are males and females. The differnt breeds are: Indian
    Runners, Rouens, White Crested, Cayuga, and Khaki Campbells. They can be placed
    in one large group, or in smaller groups, and they would love a fun water
    source to play in, and protection at night.

    15 retired and orphaned homing pigeons in need of caring home.
    Vicki Robinson
    Palmyra, NY 14522
    E-mail: [email protected] hotmail.com_ (mailto:[email protected] hotmail.com)
    Their owner passed away, and I am trying to find a home for them as they are
    unable to care for themselves, and I do not have proper facilities to care
    for them. I am trying to find homes for some orphaned homing pigeons that I
    temporarily took in when my neighbor passed away. I don’t condone the keeping
    of birds or the racing of pigeons, but recognize that these birds having been
    hand raised their entire life were not able to fend for themselves when their
    owner passed away. There are a total of 15 Pigeons; 5 nesting pairs and 5
    single males. I am able and willing to help “sponsor” these birds supporting
    their food and care expenses. Its important to me that they find a home where
    they will be cared for, treated kindly, protected from predators such as
    hawks and not be released to the wild.

    5. CA - PAcific Beach - runner duck
    Posted by: "[email protected]" [email protected]
    Thu Aug 21, 2008 6:10 pm (PDT)
    Chevy is a 7 Month Old Field Runner Duck
    Jessica Thorsteinson
    Pacific Beach, CA 92109
    Phone: 740-972-9376
    E-mail: _litlmissjess200420 @yahoo.com_ (mailto:[email protected] yahoo.com)
    She is moderately energetic but loves to go for walks or runs with you. She
    just started flying but doesnt do it unless she has to. I have kept her on a
    pretty healthy diet of meal worms, crickets, minnows and corn meal. She plays
    fetch just like a dog and gets along with most household animals like small
    dogs and cats. She needs someone who will pay attention to her and give her
    lots of attention.

    6. CA - Bishop - 2 turkeys need homes
    Posted by: "[email protected]"
    Thu Aug 21, 2008 6:10 pm (PDT)
    Two friendly Turkeys in Bishop, CA, male, slated for Thanksgiving unless
    Jynx macTavish
    Bishop, CA 93514
    Phone: 760-387-1026
    E-mail: [email protected] gmail.com_ (mailto:[email protected] gmail.com)
    These nice turkeys were foisted on my neighbor when his roommate moved out.
    He intended to eat them at Thanksgiving, but has run out of patience and
    offered them to me. I can't keep them, but I hope to find a home for them. They
    are young (4 months), very friendly, play with the neighbor's dog through the
    fence, always come over to say hello when anyone stops to see them. They seem
    very healthy and happy. I may be able to deliver them to you, but if you
    could come get them, that would be best. Thanks!

    7. NY - Manhattan - 2 ducks at animal control
    Posted by: "[email protected]" [email protected]
    Thu Aug 21, 2008 6:10 pm (PDT)
    Two Young Ducks
    Animal Care and Control
    Manhattan, NY
    E-mail: [email protected] org)
    The older of these two ducks is a male, still under one year. The younger is
    gender unknown. They get along well, and would love to find a new home where
    they will be kept as companions.

    8. TN - Bristol - Many ducks and chickens and geese
    Posted by: "[email protected]" [email protected]
    Thu Aug 21, 2008 6:10 pm (PDT)
    Different Breeds of Birds Seeking Permanent Homes
    Pam Carter
    512 Taylor St.
    Briston, TN 37620
    Phone: 423-274-0637
    E-mail: [email protected] embarqmail. com_ (mailto:p[email protected] il.com)
    These birds have limited time to find new homes. There are 28 guinea fowl
    (both genders), 25 roosters, 25 chicken hens, 5 male ducks, 8 female ducks, 2
    male geese, and 3 female geese.
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