Waterlogged chic!?!??!


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May 31, 2011
I came home from work to find one of my little chicks (6-8 week EEG) chicks floating in the duck pool. We thought she was dead, but then when I went to scoop her up she blinked. I wrapped her in my shirt and ran inside to start drying her off. I have her pretty dry, but she is very lathargic and still damp. She gives an occasional peep and she is actually moving ... a little, she has tried to stand up but is pretty wobbly. I have her is a cat carrier with a warm towel and applesauce. Any suggestions on what I can do to help her. I dont want to put her in the barn with the other chicks, for fear the others will smoosh her ... Should I get her under a heat lamp? Any suggestions? Please and thank you!
So sorry to hear that! One time, I was holding my chick and she decided to jump in the waterer. Her whole back was coverd with water, I was so worried that she would
die, because she was cold! So I Got a fleace hat and put her in it and snugled her to keep her warm untill she dried off. She might be lethargic and wobbley because shes cold?
try to hlod her and keep her warm untill she has dried off. If she still acts that way, I wouldbuy the vitamin and electrolytes stuff that u can give chickens.
Hope I helped,Keep me updated
I would put her under a heat lamp to warm her up and help her dry faster. A little sugar water may perk her up as well. I used to keep gallon buckets all over my yard for when my flock was free ranging. One of my broodys chicks ended up under one. When I flipped the bucket over there was tons of condensation inside and the baby was soaked. I got the brooder ready and plopped it under the light. By the time it was dry it was all ready to go back out. I've since removed the buckets. Good luck!
Thanx so much for the responses. I have her in a little chicky ER tonight, she's warm and drying off really well. Hubby thinks she is wobbly because she was struggling in the water for so long she is just exhausted. I have her on a warm towel, some fresh water, some applesauce and some regular chic food. She has actually stoood up and and taken a few steps. I just put her in a dark room so she can sleep. I am sure I will check on her all night... My husband thinks I am crazy. She is kinda special to me though. I bought her and 4 bantams at Rural King because they were all pasty. The staff were just going to leave them to die. So I brought them home and after baths and a 2 day stint in chicky ER, they were all up and at em. I hope I am not going to lose her to this. She has perked up so it's looking pretty good.

Thanks again, I have been a lurker here for years, but felt compelled to post this time.

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