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  1. Okay found our Pekins nesting area today down by the creek. Well it snowed then iced then rained so we have a full creek if you know what I mean. So I think the ducks thought they made a nest in a safe area but now all the eggs are waterlogged/totally underwater. Is there any hope for them? If not can one even eat them?
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    I would put the nest full of eggs in a big pet carrier with fresh straw and the mommy and place that in a safe a safe spot and see what happens. Candle the eggs to check developmental stage. If they are somewhat developed, you may have a chance. We found our mama duck brutally murdered by a fox, and didn't know how long ago that had happened. The eggs were totally cold. We cracked one open (over a hole in the ground for instant burial) and were mortified to find a live duckling that would've been fine if we hadn't cracked it open! So we put all the eggs on a heating pad until we found a neighbor with an incubater. 10 of 11 eggs hatched! So... the moral of the story is...you never know till you try. I guess. Good luck. Happy St. Pat's.
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    well if the water is cold yes you can eat them! i pull duck eggs from my pond all the time and eat them!
  4. Thanks for the answers. It is a toss up here so we are going to give it a try and the moms are stupid enough to well make another nest in the flood zone.... so we just went ahead and ordered ducklings they arrive tomorrow. So we will have babies one way or another:lol: and lot of them this is my son's project he is really and I mean really getting into them(*orders 15 of one type and 15 of another and some others.....whew glad he has his own feed bill money set aside for them) I just love teaching kids responsibility for the most part....now lets get real .......we just love those babies:D

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