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    Mar 11, 2018
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    We finished our coop and have moved everyone in, but the floor is wood (it's raised off the ground). I'm worried about the cleanliness and smell long term. Is there something we could put down that would be easy to clean that would be waterproof so nothing can penetrate it? Right now we just have a tarp lining the bottom and part ways up the walls (it was bigger than the floor). We don't think this will be a good permanent solution for us though. Any suggestions/tips/advice are welcomed and appreciated! Thanks!
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    Feb 5, 2018
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    Congrats on finishing your coop! Some people put scrap linoleum on the floor and lower walls, some paint a few coats of exterior paint, some lay those peal and stick vinyl tiles from home improvement stores. It all depends on what you prefer but it is definitely a good idea. Our coop has HDPE plastic on the floor and up the walls about 12” but we should have gone 24” with it. It’s amazing how messy the girls can get!
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    Also look into paintable compounds like Black Jack 57, which is a waterproof rubberized coating. That's what I'm planning to put on my floor.
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    I have a plywood floored coop... 10 years old now, and it has held up great.

    3 years or so back I put some leftover interior paint on the floor to help it last longer.

    My point... don't over think it.
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    I use FRP boards on the floor and half up the walls, kept smell of the wood walls and floor and made it easy to clean, been almost 5 yrs C2BF6A78-12D0-4E32-A5C4-B04055161FC6.jpeg
    34AEADC9-2F13-4965-AA15-04FB7A45BF42.jpeg 0A5ABFA1-0620-431F-B791-33615CBBC0EA.jpeg
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    Black Jack 57 needs to be put on clean wood for it to adhere properly and takes about 5 - 7 days to fully cure, I did 2 coats (Re coat after 24 hrs) I used it on my floor and up the walls about 12" It's great stuff.
    Edit: Turn the can of black jack upside down 1 or 2 days before you use it and it will mix a lot easier. I used a piece of 2 x 3 to mix the 5 gal can I used.

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