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    Is it doable? I am just about finished building my coop. Originally I planned on just painting the wafer board and calling it good. However I was looking on craiglist and a person has rough cut boards for sale cheap. I was thinking that would look neat as siding. But then I got to thinking about if moisture would get trapped between the two and rot it. Then I thought if I water sealed it, maybe it would last.

  2. we used 2 X 4 for the square to screw the particle board to and that way it doesn't just sit on the ground and soak up water. DH painted it and after being used for a year it still looks great. I keep plenty of hay inside for both the nests and under the roosts, easier to clean out that way.the coop and run both are on a slight slope so that the water runs off the back of both, fertilizes the yard easy.[​IMG]
  3. It also helps to use latex primer before the paint- it seals the wood and makes the paint stick better- you may never have to repaint! It gives you an 'adobe'- like finish.
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    wafer-board requires primer then paint. Sealing it could be done by using any non-toxic sealer.

    The main difference between plywood and wafer board, aside from the price, is that plywood sucks up water fast but also dries quickly. Wafer-board sucks up water slowly but it takes forever to dry completely.

    You could cover it with siding or sealed plywood if you wanted.
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    If you are going to completly cover the wafer board with siding there is no need to paint it. You can use something called tyvex or plain old tar paper over it and then put your ruff cut siding on top of that. That is how most houses are buit. It will make a fine chicken house.

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