Watery bubbly eyes and sneezing help!


Nov 13, 2018
Being new to raising chickens and this site I decided to jump right in after reading the forum a little bit. We added two new pullets to our tiny flock of two last weekend. One of the new girls was sneezing and although she seems like she's getting better, the other one developed watery eyes and they're now bubbling every so often. They are both eating and drinking just fine at this point. I panicked and made a vet appointment for them but after reading about treating with Tylan 50 I would rather go that route. Is Tylan 50 the same as Tylan 200-250cc and what about Corid V??? if it's a powder and I put it in the water is it ok to treat the entire flock?


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Can you actually obtain the Tylan 200? I have read it's formulated far more suitably for chickens than the 50. Tylan is what you want to treat your chickens with.

It's best to separate the sick ones and treat them with the Tylan, but understand the others have been exposed and could come down sick, too. Then you would treat those with symptoms.

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