Watery diarrhea, low weight


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7 Years
Jun 3, 2012
In March, I bought some chicks from a Farm & Ranch store. All have been healthy except 3. They developed watery clear diarrhea and over time are slender and have low weight. I gave them the recommended medicated chick starter. Still diarrhea. I wormed them with Wazine 7. Still diarrhea. I gave them the recommended antibiotic treatment for 7 days. Still diarrhea. I mixed crushed red pepper in their feed. Still diarrhea. One chicken now has a little more solid poop. The other 2 are the same with clear watery diarrhea. I have read and searched for an answer. What is wrong???


Flock Mistress
10 Years
Apr 15, 2009
They need to be wormed with a broad spectrum wormer. Send a PM to dawg53. He'll tell you how to deal with them. I haven't seen him around much the past few days, but he'll help you if you can reach him.

Good luck.

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