watery eggs - need advice

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  1. Just Fluff

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    Nov 30, 2008

    We're getting random eggs that when cracked are very watery and spread all over the pan. I collect my eggs every evening, so they're not old eggs. I'm not sure if it's only one hen or several, as it's so random, I don't notice which egg it's coming from. And usually my husband cooks breakfast, so all I know about it is when he complains about them.

    Any thoughts? Diet? If so, what's lacking? Nothing has changed lately. Temperatures are in the 80's-90's, with frequent afternoon thunderstorms. I let them free range in the afternoon.


  2. Imp

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    I occasionally get one like that too. Here's some info:



    Weak, thin or watery whites
    Age of hens- Replace hens after 12 to 14 months of lay.

    Ammonia from droppings- Better ventilation, use superphosphate on litter and
    manure and remove droppings regularly.

    Increased alkalinity, (pH)-Loss of
    Use a shell coating such as oil or refrigerated
    temperatures (40 to 55°F).

    Respiratory diseases (Newcastle,
    infectious bronchitis, and
    Follow a recommended program for vaccination and
    disease prevention in poultry.

    Heredity Select strains of known egg white (albumen) quality.

    Arasan Do not use arasan treated grains in the diet of layers.

    Vanadium Use sources of phosphorus in feeds known to have
    low amounts or none.

    High environmental temperatures Collect eggs often (three to five times a day) and
    hold in refrigerated temperatures (40 to 55°F.).

    Sulfanilamide (sulfa drugs) Use according to accepted recommendations.

    Hope this helps

  3. Just Fluff

    Just Fluff Chirping

    Nov 30, 2008
    Thank you so much Imp! The hens are over a year old, so that might be part of it. I do need to take a minute to clean out the indoor coop, not that it's bad, but it could use a cleaning. Some of the other things I'm not sure how to check, but this will definitely give me something to work with!


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