watery,milky white diarrhea , can she survive this??

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    My 2 1/2 year old BO suddenly came down with diarrhea 8 days ago. She was fine one day then all of a sudden this watery diarrhea and she seems to have a hard time seeing. I thought maybe she got pecked hard in the head and maybe it caused some damage, then the dirrahea began, are they related? So I gave her mollasses and water, isolated her and took her in to keep her warm. I tried yogurt, electrolyte solution and duramycin-10, she seemed a little better, but not right, her poop got some soilds in it,more green in color, but some brown solids came back in about 5 days .I called a vet, he gave me amoxacillin 50 mg twice a day for ten days. Once I stared the antbiotics her diarrhea seemed to get very watery again. I want to stop the antibiotics, am I doing the right thing. She is alert, eats some, but not much. She is drinking lots of water, seems happier then she was a few days ago, but not herself. She looks fine, but her insides are messed up, any help would be great, she is my friend.
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    Quote:I dont know why you gave her molasses and water, that is used as flush in chickens and will definitely cause diarrhea. Green in color poop can be caused from not eating, excreting bile. It also can be an indicator of a bacterial infection in which I believe your vet suspects that is what your hen is dealing with. That is why he most likely prescribed amoxacillin. Antibiotics can sometimes cause diarrhea. Feed her only her regular feed and freshwater. Do not give her any yogurt, vitamins, electrolytes, no ACV in water etc..while she's on amoxacillin. Follow the vets advice and continue his recommended treatment to completion.

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