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May 20, 2015
So glad to be here where I can read about and discuss chickens.

So a little about me. I live in Middle TN. I have a small "farm" that consists of 2 dogs, 2 red tail boas, 2 black headed caiques, 2 spotted draft horses, 1 donkey, and 8 chickens. Of those eight I have 5 standard sized ones and 3 bantams. The standard sized are 1 Speckled Sussex Roo (The Hoff), 1 Speckled Sussex hen (Sue), 1 BarnevelderxAmeraucana cross hen (Velma), 1 Ameraucana hen with a bum foot (Eileen), 1 Jersey Giant hen (Jersey), and 3 Mille bantam hens (Fleur, De, and Lis). I really don't eat eggs at all. I just love chickens and they are all pets. If it were up to me I'd own several more. My husband likes to remind me I am overflowing with eggs as it is now though so I don't need more egg layers. I hope to add some ducks and geese to my farm in the near future. And that is my little slice of heaven.
Hello and

We're glad you decided to join Backyard Chickens!

Make yourself at home and here, Feel free to ask an any questions you may have.

I love your birds names! Enjoy your flock!

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