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    May 14, 2007
    Well now I am begining to think by the end of the week I will be sent off to the funny farm. I told you all that I have been diagnosed with my dads bones disease A.S. . Now instead of being depressed I am irratated. THey did xrays last week this week they want me to do a M.R.I. to get a better picture of what they are looking at. AND then last weekend my DH went with his freind to help him put a tire on his Backhoe, which was totally agianst Doctors orders. And now he cant hardly move to get out of bed let alone put his own shoes on. I am betting he has blown yet another disc in his back and we will be looking at at 3rd back surgery. I tried getting him a appt. with his doc and they said that they could get him in until sept.26!!!![​IMG] TAlk about A huge pain. I dont understand why doctors will keep taking new patients and not set a limit. instead they make every one who needs to see a doctor wait several months. So then I called my doctor and they will work him in on friday. Still a long ways away fro him, but will be better then sept. BY friday Morning my daughter has to have all her 4-H projects in at the fair grounds. Well she has decided at this last minute to rebell and not finish her cross stitching project, and record books:he So there is a good chance she isnt going to be doing anything at the fair and I might as well have flushed 100 bucks down the toliet. My middle boy was ruff housing the other day and got poked in the eye and it started bleeding so we had to take him to the ER. now I have to sit on him twice a day to get this antiboitic ointment in his eye. This is easier said than done. My 15 month old son has decided that he needs to stay up all night long, and well I am the lucky one to do stay up with him all night. My dad also has been admitted into the hospital agian, I think that their is something fatally wrong that my parents are refusing to tell us. We used to know every thing that was going on wether it was pnuemonia or hemroids. Now it is hush hush, and secrets. SO this is really hard to deal with. I am a daddy's girl and we have always been close. My DH's Aunt has been put in a hospital in Texas she was on life support for a few days and everyuo0ne thought she was going to die. HEr blood keep clotting and causing damage. Luckly they are finally figuring out how to fix it. So thank fully she is doing better. I am taking a huge amounts of pian pills, arthritis meds, and several other different pills for various problems. I think I have been taking more pills than any elderly person with health problems. Bad part is I feel like a 90 yr old. And one of the pills has affected my eye sight so I cant see to cross stitch.The only way I could figure out which one is causing it would be to stop taking each one, until my eye sight is corrected. But I cant do that or I would be bed bound. [​IMG] I dont know what to do, It seems every thing has hit the fan and all at once. I feel as though I could go crazy, that is if I am not already there.Anyway I have finally vented my frustrations, and It may have helped a little. I feel that God is testing my faith, and man I dont know if I can handle one more problemwith out being hualed off to the nut house. I wish that if I had to live a soap opera life, I could at least have the money that went along with it.
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    Do you take Plaqunel? It's really a medicine for Malaria but they have found it's great for Lupus and other autoimmune definancy. It will affect your eye sight. I take it for Lupus and I'm suppose to have my eyes tested very often. If you are not on it I would go to the eye dr. and take him a list of the meds you are on.

    How old are your parents? Can you go to the appointments with them to find out what is going on?

    Good luck,

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    Apr 16, 2007
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    Oh my goodness, I'm sorry you are having such a rough time, email me if you ever need to talk! I'm thinking of you!

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