Way too cool!!!! Caught laying an egg. Pics!!!


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Mar 6, 2008
Floresville, Texas
I have found eggs when they were freshly laid, but never THIS fresh!!! My little EE Miranda went to the nest and was acting like she was about to lay so I followed her. Unfortunately, my BR Nightingale is a notorious housekeeper and had "cleaned" most of the straw out of the nest (she does after her egg is gathered). But, rather than disturb her, I watched. Here the little sweetie is, just about to lay and just as the egg went ka-thunk on the unprotected wood. Thankfully it didn't break.


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aint that the koolest thing you have ever seen.ive caught my hens laying alot of eggs like that over the years.even been lucky enough to have 1 or 2 land in my hand.i love the wett fresh gloss on the egg shell.
I was literally jumping up and down!!! I hope to have that happen again!!!

That would be too cool, to "catch" one!!! Almost like helping deliver a baby!!! LOL

Thanks, I just love the color of hers. I tend to blow her eggs out and keep the shells.
Thanks and thanks.
I have decided the only logical thing to do is move into the chicken coop to watch them lay eggs. I may as well, my bathroom is essentiallly a large brooder right now, anyway! LOL

My 10 y/o looked at the pic and said "why is it so shiny?" When I told him because it is still wet, he said "that is just gross mom".
Wow, your Miranda looks very much like my "Ugly". And no, I didn't name her!!

LOL......had Miranda been named when she was getting her big girl feathers, she could very well be called "Ugly" too!!! She went through a rather.....ummm.......homely period.

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