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    Hi, folks!!

    I know there are other threads on Wazine here, but I guess since then Wazine has changed its label. For what I understood reading here, the label used to say "not for birds intended for human consumption", but it was agreed that by consumption, they meant immediate consumption. 2 weeks is the period to wait for slaughter and eating eggs again.

    So, I go deworm my girls with Wazine for the first time... While I'm filling the waterer, I re-read the label...

    It says: "Do not use within 14 days of slaughter (good, they clarified the time period)... DO NOT USE IN CHICKENS PRODUCING EGGS FOR HUMAN CONSUMPTION." No egg discard period, nothing. Just DON'T USE.

    Oh, chicken experts, what to do???? I come to you once more looking for answers...

    Thank you.
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    Feb 3, 2014
    oh-oh no answers.. I would call the company chemist, or a vet to find out.. jeff
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    I believe it is labeled as such (again, beleive) because it hasn't had the funding backing it in order to do the type of tests needed confirm or deny that Wazine would harm or not harm anyone. It takes millions to preform such tests, get them reviewed, and to be able to put "For use in (insert animal/production here)".

    The withdrawal period of 14 days would probably still stand for eggs. The chemical composition should be the same? If they are not, the change in ingredient may be cause for alarm.

    Most wormers are for off label use in Chicken's anyway. If your chickens for sure have roundworms, then you need to use it. I've used it before, nothing bad happened. If your chickens don't have that type of worm though, you can skip it until your next fecal test.

    That would honestly be my best guess as to this.

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