Wazine for Peafowl?


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Sep 16, 2010
Pensacola, FL
So it is time for us to worm our birds for the first time (except for one peahen, she already was wormed a while ago), and we wanted a wormer that we could add to the water so we wouldn't have to freak them out by catching them. My dad found Wazine at the feed store and he said while he was there a turkey breeder said that he uses it on his turkeys. One of the workers there said it should work for just about all birds...So now comes my questions...

Is Wazine okay to use on them?

Also I will be worming 5 peafowl (all of them are in the same pen) and I want to know the dose for them like how many cc's per gallon or something because the info on the bottle was only for like every 100 birds.

Do we put it in the water and leave it for three days and then get fresh water or something like that?

I really want to make sure we do this right.
Wazine is not a good wormer for Peafowl.

Safe Guard for Goats 3 to 4 cc to 1 gallon of water for 3 days. No change water everyday and add it again.

It is also fine for the other hen to get wormed it will not hurt her.
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We originally were looking for Safe Guard for goats there and we found it, but it was a paste and they didn't have a liquid. Is it suppozed to be a liquid or can you use the paste the same way?

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