We all know about the "Egg Song", now I hear the "Food Song"!

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    This is too funny! I have several separated coops and runs. One houses 7 Silkies, 1 unknown white bantam, 1 sizzle, 1 frizzle, 1 Polish hen, and 1 RIR (the RIR was recently transferred there because the other RIR's started picking on her when she molted). The other is larger and houses the other 4 RIR's, 3 White Leghorns, and 8 pullets that are a bit over 7 months old, including 3 BR's, 3 EE's, and 2 SLW's.

    For no real reason, I usually feed and water the group with the larger hens first. Then I proceed to take care of what I call "The Silkie Crew". I have noticed that "The Silkie Crew" is very noisy while I care for the others. So I decided to monitor their activities more carefully. What I have observed is that when I first enter the large run/coop, "The Silkie Crew" is out in their run and quietly going about their business. I should mention that there is a window in the wall separating the two coops.

    Once I start filling the feeders for the larger hens, one of "The Silkie Crew" jumps on the windowsill and starts singing her heart out! This is a signal for all the rest to come into the coop and join her. By the time I get done feeding and watering the larger hens, all the others are in the small coop making the loudest racket you can imagine! When I open the door to their coop, they are practically attacking me for the food! It's not that they run out of food (I make sure they never do) but they are waiting for the little bit of scratch that I bring in with the food. They sure do love that scratch but I don't give them very much, so it must be the highlight of their day!

    I do have two other coops and runs but those can't see each other.

    Just thought I'd share--this goes on every day! [​IMG] Genie
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    Yep they're calling you! How cute!

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