We are all first time moms for this one(baby is here, w/pics page 2)


11 Years
Jan 20, 2009
I am so excited my Paint mare is due anyday now, this is her first baby as well as ours.

We had done a ton of research last year and the year before when we thought about breeding her and then really couldn't find a nice stud and then he just sort of appeared and everything went smooth from there.

Now after what seems like and eternity of waiting Valley can foal at any time. I really cant wait!

Hopeful Valentine (Valley) is our girl


daddy "Watta Rocki Mount"

we are hoping for a spotty baby!
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he is out of Yellow Mount lines who I guess is supposed to be nice....I havent heard of many of the horses on his ped but he is pretty.

Our mare's grandsire is First Rate who is out of Mr Norfleet. She comes from really nice showstock. Someday we would love to breed and show APHA horses but right now with a lack of time for such a big endeavor we will settle for one baby!
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